19 January 2014

New Books! #3

Since I started blogging, I seem to be acquiring quite a few more books! Here's the latest lot.
I recently discovered that another Georgia at Books and Writers Jnr. also calls her hauls by this name so sorry for the coincidence.
Also, please understand that I am not bragging about these, hauls are my personal favourites to read and I am very grateful for each of these!

Light by Michael Grant (Hardback)
This was my bargain find. I don't really like hardbacks but I already own each book in this series besides this one! Plus, it only cost 75p which meant I could not leave it in the shop.

Half My Facebook Friends are Ferrets by J. A. Buckle (Paperback)
This was sent to be by the lovely publishers Curious Fox so a big thank you to them!

Secrets & Sapphires by Leila Rasheed (Proof)
I won this in a blog giveaway from Hot Key Books so thanks to them!

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Red by Alison Cherry (Paperback)
I won another giveaway recently which was a lovely suprise because I am usually so unlucky. This one was from Quercus on twitter so thanks to them!

How to Love by Katie Cotugno (Paperback)
Not only did Quercus send me my prize, the lovely lady who emailed me said she would pop another book in the parcel. How insane is that? Even better, it happened to be a book I wanted to read so thank you!

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