Book Review Policy

At the moment, I will only accept books for review, not music or movies. If you would be interested in contacting me regarding a book you wish for me to review, I would appreciate you please reading the information below before messaging me. Thank you!

What type of books will you accept?
I would review your book if it was from the following genres:
-Young Adult (This is a must for me please!)
-Realistic Fiction
-Light Romance
-Historical Fiction

I can accept books in the following formats:
-eBooks (Must be compatible with NookHD please!)

I would  be willing to review books from in a series but only if I already own the books that come before it or you would be willing to send me them. I would also require lots of notice beforehand to get through the other books if you want the review up by a certain time.

Where will I be able to find this review?
Once I have finished reading your book, I will post a quick summary review up on Goodreads (my username is GeorgiaReviews) and then when I get time, usually the next day, I will post a better, more detailed review right here on my blog.

How long will it take for you to review the book?
I am currently in my last year of high school so have lots of exams at the moment! In between homework and revision, I am always reading however on a school week, it usually takes me a week to get through a 400 page book. As I just said, reviews will be up shortly after I finish reading. I would be willing to review to a deadline as long as it is reasonable and you give me enough notice.

What shall I include in my enquiry email?
Please could you include:
-The book title
-The author name
-The publication date
-The cover art
-The format you will send it in (Paperback/Hardback/eBook)
-The state it is in (ARC/Complete)

How do you review books?
I review as honestly as possible, the fact that you have sent me the book will not make me biased.

❤- I did not like this book at all/I could not finish.
❤- I did not like this book a lot however I did finish.
❤- I thought this book was okay.
❤- I liked this book.
❤- I loved this book.

If you wish to contact me after reading all of this, please view my Contact Page.

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