2 January 2014

A Change is Coming.

My blog is currently rather rubbish and this is not me looking for attention, I know that because I modelled it off of other people and how I thought a book blog was supposed to be when setting it up. I reviewed books properly and professionally with sections under headings and all of that boring stuff but I don't want to do that any more! Inspired by a few posts I recently read by Tea Between Books HERE and Gypsy Reviews HERE, I want to blog more because I enjoy it and so I can share my feelings for a book with people however jumbled they may be, not because I have to. I want to do it for me!

For this reason, I will post when I want and not stress myself out with the schedule I had before which was miscellaneous on Tuesday, reviews on Friday and Topping Off The Week each Sunday. Sometimes, I really do not have time or have had a bad day so do not feel like posting. Now, on those days, I just won't!

Speaking of Sundays, that little feature has now been cancelled. Encase you are unaware, Topping Off The Week was a thing a did where I counted down a top 5 list. Making this right as I started blogging, I had never even heard of Top Ten Tuesdays by The Broke and the Bookish so had no idea they were similar ideas. Really, I should have done some research on the matter but nothing can be done now. I will occasionally post a few of these but again, I will not force it.

One final thing before I leave, I have been trying to improve the look of my blog and put more thought into my presentation so have been following a few tutorials from Hopeless Romantics. They really helped me so if anyone else needs tips, check these out! I added a slideshow banner with my recent posts which isn't working too well yet but hopefully with some practise things will work out great. Also, I have a better rating system now, it's balloons! I hope you love them when I post my next review which will be The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time.

If you managed to read this long, thank you and I'll be back soon, goodbye.

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  1. Good luck with your blog :) It definitely easier when you post what you want when you want to post it instead of feeling force to do it on a certain day (or something like that). Great post!

    Janina @ Synchronized Reading