20 January 2014


Recently, I've been struggling to post anything that is actually any good. I don't remember the last time I did a review because I've been so busy with school work and general life that I just never read any more! And this brings me the point of this post:


I really love this blog and the community built around it but I cannot do this alone so I have decided to throw in the towel and search for some help! By bringing in another person, I know that I can have more posts up, better quality writing that is not rushed and a support there when it is needed.

Of course, I would do a whole re-design of the blog, Georgia Reviews doesn't really work for two people. Also, I would like an equal here. You would have freedom to post as you wish but I would prefer to proof read anything and I think it would be good if you read my work before it was posted as well. Of course you do not get free rein over what decisions are made but, as long as we discussed things first, I am willing to let you have lots of say in things!

I do have a few criteria I wish for you to fit. Here's a list below:

  • Be young! Not too young but not too old either if you know what I mean? I'm 15 so someone around my age would be lovely, I'd like to have things in common and be able to get along well with you! (Does that sound like something from a dating website? Sorry about that.)
  • Have a little experience writing reviews! Whether it be for a blog, magazine or just on Goodreads, I'd like to see some of your work please.
  • Love Young Adult books! My entire blog is YA related so this one is very important. The occasional New Adult or Adult review wouldn't kill anyone but predominately for youngsters like me.
  • Be reliable! I need to know I can trust you to share the work load with me, writing reviews and posting other features too such as book hauls and discussions.
  • Communicate well! It is important that you are able to respond to emails the same day and will always get in touch with me before making decisions.
  • Be committed! It would be great if we could both post at least two posts a week, to keep the blog busy and you must also be dedicated to reading too.
  • Be honest! When writing posts, you honesty is greatly appreciated, especially when writing reviews for books sent for review from authors or publishers.
  • Know your way around Blogger! It would be great if you could actually use this website seen as though this is where I write from. A little knowledge or design would be fab as well, hopefull I should be getting Fireworks soon to work on graphics but if you can do that stuff too, that would be great!
I know that is a long list but after reading this,  if you are still interested, email me at georgialberry@outlook.com for more information. Please include your name, age, previous experiences and anything else you may think relevant in this email, thank you!

Also, until I find somebody, I will be searching for guest posts (specifically reviews but anything else would be greatly appreciated too). If you would like to help me out, please also contact me on the email address above.

Sorry this post has been really long and boring but I hope you consider and thank you for reading, goodbye.


  1. A lot of bloggers seem to be on the search for a co-blogger. I wish you the best of luck in finding one, but don't feel too discourage if you can't. You can always be part of the blogging community even if you don't post that often. No one would think less of you or your blog because you're busy =)

    1. Thank you, I think I'll definatley be needing that luck it seems! Hopefully you'll still have me haha, I'm near the end of high school so exams and course work are ruling my life!