28 August 2014

The Not-So-Pointless Book (A Review of Sorts)

This morning, I had an exciting delivery! After what felt like ages, but was only actually less than a week, my lovely postman dropped this off. I raced downstairs, tore open the package and looked in awe. Although I never though too much of it online, the cover is beautiful! Truly. Now, that may seem a little strange to you but the embossing is perfect and the cover is all matte, with glossy accents. As a graphic design student, I'm in heaven.

Of course, I went a little overboard with all of my supplies but I was so excited to start. I recommend arming yourself with a black pen, a pencil, a selection of coloured pencils and a rubber. Also, a fancy writing pen is an easy way to jazz things up!
*One tip though, do not use markers. Permanent or not, they will bleed through.*

As instructed, I started at the first page I opened, which happened to be 28- Favorite Ever... Some questions were easy to answer (purple has been my number one colour since forever ago) and some I had to think about (every song I hear is better than the last) so this was a really fun page, taking around 10 minutes all together. It's also a fun idea to fill out with friends, comparing answers afterwards!

Skipping forward quite considerably, I found myself at 148- Draw a Landmark... I asked myself 'Where do I want to travel to most?' The answer of course, France. I've loved it for so long and studied the language for 4 years before I became too busy to carry on. Obviously, when choosing a French landmark, there was only one choice I could make: The Eiffel Tower. It took half an hour and looks awful but I'm not an artist so who cares?!

Back to the beginning now, more specifically page 38- Draw These Shapes... This was such a fun activity. At a glance, this looks easy; how hard can it be to draw in one stroke? Well, it's actually pretty difficult! It took many pencil practices before I eventually managed to master the shapes. That was, all but one. I swear that it's impossible, I spent a good 20 minutes puzzling over them but could not manage it! This kind of thing is perfect for something to do on a journey. Say goodbye to boring train travels!

Essentially, The Pointless Book is a more interactive Wreck This Journel. Alfie's little video clips and interactive pages are the perfect additions to complete an already incredible book. Even if you don't have a smartphone, the book definitely works as a standalone. With 192 pages bursting with ideas, you'll have hours of fun tasks ahead of you!


The thing about The Pointless Book is, nothing has to be perfect because it's your own, personal interpretation. Go crazy, play it safe. Share with your friends, keep it hidden. Scuff it up, leave it clean. It may have been started by Alfie but it's there to be finished by YOU! So do something; Do whatever you want as long as it is you. 


You can pick up your own copy of The Pointless Book by Alfie Deyes on September 4th! Be sure to tag all of your related tweets with #ThePointlessBook if you join in on twitter!

*I received this book from Blink Publishing in return for a review, this does not influence my opinion of the book!*

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