23 August 2014

The Book Blogger's Kiss, Marry, Cliff

You must know these type of tags, they used to be playground games back in school and have now been rebranded into must-dos for all Booktubers (see these from Katytastic and Polandbananasbooks if you're interested). So why not bring the fun to the blogging community? That's what I'm doing today!

This is such a simple process yet I had so much fun doing it! Many of the supplies that I used are brand new as I bought them for my college course so I got to play around with them for the first time. You obviously don't need anything fancy, the same effect can be achieved with just a simple paper scrap and pencil writing but I wanted to experiment so went all out!

Start by measuring out your card so each piece will be equal sized. Be sure to use a pencil so any mistakes or slips can easily be erased! I made mine 1x3 inches which created 24 cards however I only ended up using 12 of them this time. Next, take your cutting equipment and separate each individual card, getting rid of any excess card you may have. Now comes the fun part, picking your boys (or girls, your choice!) who you want to feature! Write them down and you can also include the book they're from, I did! Now, all that's left is to fold them up, mix them up and put them in a little pot. Pick out 3 and you're ready to go!

Round 1:

KISS- Park! He's geeky and cute and I'll take it.
MARRY- Easy, Miles any day of the week. Looking For Alaska is a favorite of mine and all of the way through reading, I wanted to know him. 
CLIFF- Unfortunately Aaron. He just wasn't memorable enough, I won't miss him.

Round 2:

KISS- Will? Yeah, I don't think I could deal with his beauty every day, I'd constantly faint.
MARRY- Adam, because god I love this guy. Especially end of Where She Went Adam.
CLIFF- Sorry Robb but I know what happens to the women in your life...

Round 3:

KISS- Peeta because he probably tastes like cake. End of.
MARRY- It has to be Charlie. I just want to look after him all day, everyday.
CLIFF- Goodbye Edward, you'll probably survive the fall anyway though so no stress.

Round 4:

KISS- Oh Simon. Human you? I'd totally marry. Vampire though, I couldn't cope with the blood 24/7.
MARRY- It's go to be Willem. Otherwise, he'll probably run off from me!
CLIFF- I much as I'd hate to, Augustus. I'll put him out of his suffering. *Cries* 

Next, I want to see Georgia (The Bibliomaniac) and Amber (The Mile Long Bookshelf) attempt this! Also, be sure to let me know what you would have chosen for each round, do you agree with me? Comment!


  1. One of the best post I've read this week. Totally agree with your choice on Edward Cullen. And Augustus... *Cries*.
    Great post :)

    1. Thanks so much ahh! Such a lovely comment! You're the nicest :-)