24 May 2014

Book Review Graphic: Paper Aeroplanes by Dawn O'Porter

Not too long ago, I noticed a trend in the book blogging community: Graphics! I was bursting to try this out for myself, mainly because they were much more creative and I'm doing a Media course at college next year so it's all great practise. After reading Paper Aeroplanes (I turned up so late to that party, I know...) I knew that would be the perfect book to experiment with! Be sure to tweet me feedback, @GeorgiaReviews.

*If you cannot read the text, click the image to open it separately where it will enlarge*

Paper Aeroplanes was published by Hot Key Books in the UK, you can buy a copy HERE.


  1. This is such a unique way to review, I loved it!


  2. Read book one rectlay and OMG she is such flippping tear maker i was crying so harder and never cry when i read a sad story.