8 December 2013

Topping Off The Week! #4

Hey guys! This week on GeorgiaReviews, we have another 'Topping Off The Week' post which involves me counting down a different thing each week. Each will be in no particular order, a jumbled mess of all things I love. This is not me telling you how to feel about something, just sharing my personal opinions with the world! Feel free to post your take on the subject of the week, just be sure to credit me and drop me a link to it so I can see your lists too! Today marks the second week in December, can you believe it? For this reason, I will be counting down...
Top 5 Albums of 2013

File:Night Visions Album Cover.jpegNight Visions - Imagine Dragons
If you do not love this album you cannot be from this planet. These guys make the most incredible songs, each is different and there are so many! I double dare you to insult this artwork, the sky in the background is all purple and blue and cloudy and I have lots to say about it. I really wanted to see them touring the UK this month but tickets sold out so fast, there's always next time, right?

Favourite Song: Demons (Listen HERE).
Download the album in the UK HERE

File:BadBloodBastillealbum.jpgBad Blood - Bastille
Back before Bastille burst on to the scene with Pompeii, I was a huge fan so, when hearing of their album's release, pre-ordered a signed copy. This was a big deal for me, it was the first thing I used my bank card to buy online and my first signed merch! Upon arrival, I put it into my computer and fell in love all over again. Each song was great and Dan's haunting voice was as perfect as ever.

Favourite Song: Overjoyed (Listen HERE).
Download the album in the UK HERE

File:Justin Timberlake - The 2020 Experience.pngThe 20/20 Experience (Part 1 & 2) - Justin Timberlake
I was not a huge Justin Timberlake fan before this beauty was released, the only reason I bought it was as a gift for my mum's birthday. She started playing out loud when ironing and cleaning and I started rather liking it. After the release of Mirrors, I was completely hooked and could not stop myself from purchasing the second part which is just as good!

Favourite Song: Murder ft. Jay-Z  (Listen HERE).
Download the album in the UK HERE

File:Long-Way cover.jpgLong Way Down - Tom Odell
After taking the Critic's Choice award at the 2013 Brit Awards, I knew Tom Odell had to be amazing to fill the shoes of previous winners Ellie Goulding, Florence & the Machine and Adele. His debut album Long Way Down shows just why he won such a highly respected award, with his original voice and fantastic piano skills, this young man was always destined for attention.

Favourite Song: Another Love (Listen HERE).
Download the album in the UK HERE

File:Ifyouwaitlg.jpgIf You Wait - London Grammar
I do not actually own this album yet but I have listened to it in full and Christmas is coming up so I've dropped my fair share of hints. I discovered this band from their Live Lounge performance and could not get over how Hannah (the lead vocalist) reminded me of Florence Welch! They are not too well known yet so I feel that I must spread the secret of London Grammar.

Favourite Song: Strong (Listen HERE).
Download the album in the UK HERE

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