24 November 2013

Topping Off The Week! #3

Hey guys! This week on GeorgiaReviews, we have another 'Topping Off The Week' post which involves me counting down a different thing each week. Each will be in no particular order, a jumbled mess of all things I love. Don't forget, this is not me telling you how to feel about something, just sharing my personal opinions with the world! Feel free to post your take on the subject of the week, just be sure to credit me and drop me a link to it so I can see your lists too! As it is only a month till Christmas, I thought I'd get into the festive spirit so this week, we have...

Top 5 Christmas TV Adverts

Sainsbury's (Supermarket)
Yes, it is predictable so all the way through you are waiting for him to turn up but does those children's reactions not make up for that? It just made me 'aww', even before their dad turned up. The way they recorded this message and sang for him anyway was sweet, I cannot imagine not having a parent there for me so these kids are so strong (if this is real and not staged that is).

Tesco (Supermarket)
Isn't this so original? I've never seen an advert made of 'home movies' before (they were, however, staged by actors). The details added make it special such as showing how the family grows over time and a new child is born, then grows and we see him pull his first cracker. The filters make it so believable, like somebody could of reached into their cabinet and retrieved lots of old video tapes!

Fearne Cotton is such a huge style icon in the UK and I always love her new collections so when I saw her in the new advertisement, it made me happy! The whole set-up is incredible, with people suspended in a moment while the world goes on around them. The camera angles work well too, the way they pan in and out, seeming to bounce off of the focus make it perfect!

When this makes it's way to your TV screens, you know it's that time when you can officially get excited! When it made it's way to my TV screen 2 weeks ago, a huge smile spread across my little face. This is such an iconic advert, we all know what those bright red trucks symbolise without even reading their label. Did you know that the urban myths around Coca-Cola and Santa are, in fact, just myths though?

John Lewis
The Bear and The Hare does nothing but strengthen this store's reputation at creating the best adverts to get you in a wintry mood. Last year's The Journey featured an amazing cover of The Power of Love by Gabrielle Aplin and this year is no different. Lily Allen has lent her voice to Somewhere Only We Know, creating another chart topping hit which you'll always find when turning on the radio.

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