3 November 2013

Topping Off The Week! #1

Hey guys! So, I'm going to be starting a weekly series here on GeorgiaReviews called 'Topping Off The Week' which will involve me counting down a different thing each week. Just be warned, as always, there will be spoilers! Each will be in no particular order and this is not me telling you what to do, just telling you my personal favourites! Feel free to post your take on the subject of the week, just be sure to credit me and drop me a link to it so I can see your lists too! To start off this week, we have...
Top 5 TV Shows   
Game of Thrones 
Game of Thrones, Game of Thrones LogoThis show is just AAAAAH! Every episode has me on the edge of my seat, the series gets better as it goes along. I was all for House Stark until they were BRUTALLY MURDERED (I will never get over that). Who do I root for now, tell me! I think I like Margaery and the Tyrells but she's so sketchy, I just can't make my mind up about her yet.

The Carrie Diaries
File:The Carrie Diaries intertitle.png
This is just the cutest, I just sit and smile along through every episode! The wardrobe department must work so hard because all outfits are super lovely. Dorrit is so well played, especially seen as though Stefania LaVie Owen is only 15 years old! And we must mention Austin Butler, has he got better looking this new season? I definitely think so.

The Originals
File:The Originals intertitle.png
I must admit, I did not expect to like this show as much as I do. We may only be two episodes in in the UK, but I love it! Klaus was my favourite character in The Vampire Diaries so this is ideal for me, a show that strips him to the core and shows us what he's really like inside. I am also warming to Hayley, I hated her before, she was SO boring.

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
File:Agents of SHIELD logo.jpg
Another show I was wary of at first but look past the low budget Peru trip and the few other mistakes to see a platform for something great. Upon hearing of this show, my mind was just screaming 'Coulson's alive? How?' I love the way they dealt with that, making it believable and linking it back to Avengers Assemble, one of my favourite movies!

Pretty Little Liars
File:PrettyLittleLiarsIntertitle.pngMy personal favourite! I can not describe my love for this show, it is just a ball of happiness and excitement and shock and puzzlement within me. In the latest halloween episode, we found that Allison was alive and now we know Ezra is A and everything I ever thought about this show is just being turned on it's head! I was so sad to lose Tyler Blackburn (Caleb) to Ravenswood but I honestly don't mind too much anymore, I love that show too!

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